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abigail toyne, amiral, alison howard, claudia, claudia schiffer, danielle wheeler/danni wheeler, gwendolyn, louise germaine - also on a marcos home made composite supercar and in promo at the occasion of Les Randonneurs, moda del sol 1972, unknown, miscellaneous

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abigail_tn amiral_04_100 alison_tn unknown_1_tn unknown_2_tn
louise_germaine_a_100 louise_germaine_b_100 louise_germaine_c_100 louise_germaine_d_150 louise_germaine_e_100
louise_germaine_h_100v louise_germaine_i_100v louise_germaine_j_100v marcos90_100
louise_germaine_f_100 louise_germaine_g_150
louise_01_tn louise_03_tn louise_05_tn louise_08_tn louise_06_tn
louise_02_tn louise_10_tn louise_17_tn louise_11_tn louise_14_tn louise_04_tn
louise_16_tn louise_09_tn louise_15_tn louise_13_tn louise_12_tn
gwendolyn_1_tn gwendolyn_2_tn gwendolyn_3_tn gwendolyn_4_tn gwendolyn_5_tn gwendolyn_6_tn
gwendolyn_7_tn wheeler_gruen_tn wheeler_1_tn wheeler_lila_tn wheeler_2_tn wheeler_orange_tn
vp_beene_500_1_tn vp_beene_500_2_tn vp_beene_500_3_tn
claudia_1_tn claudia_2_tn
claudia_s_1_tn claudia_s_2_tn claudia_s_3_tn claudia_s_4_tn assorted_traumata_raw_tn moda del sol - september 1972 - spanish fashion in french vogue